The Ghost Sonata


by Strindberg



An encounter between a poor student and a mysterious Old Man on a Sunday morning changes the fate of both forever. Encouraged by his adventurous nature, the young man decides to make his fortune by accepting the Old Man’s bargain and gets himself invited into the admiring House of Colonel. It isn’t until he falls deeply in love with the Colonel’s daughter that he realises he has stepped into the House of Dead…


DIRECTOR & PRODUCER           Eldarin Yeong

TRANSLATOR                                 Eivor Martinus

CHOREOGRAPHER                      Diana Campbell

COSTUME DESIGNER                   Anna Sargent

PROPERTY SUPERVISOR            Miguel Guzman

LIGHTING DESIGNER                    Samuel Pearson

SOUND DESIGNER                        Jing Ng

GRAPHIC DESIGNER                     Neil Donnelly

CAST                                                   Jemma Gould, Colin Waitt, Andrew Kinsler, Marcus McMahon, Molly Small

DEPUTY STAGE MANAGER           Rebecca Keane, Tracy Mathewson

ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER      Will Colins, Will Hunter

MAKE-UP                                           Jodie Al-Saiegh

TECHNICIAN                                      Alistair Armstrong




Eivor Martinus, Darren Royston, Neil Donnelly, Gary Thorne, Diana Campbell, 

Sue Dunderdale,  AND

Yukari Fukuhara, Ding Jie, Zhang Liu, Phoebe Zhang, Jessica Higgs, Tongtong Li, Jamie McKnight, Lucky Xue, Matt Borgatti, and Zoe Baxter 


Time: 18th - 21st July 2012 at 7:30pm
            21st July 2012 at 2:30pm

Venue: Chelsea Theatre London

Age Guidance: 14+



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