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The Epic of Gilgamesh

A live performance

Who is Gilgamesh? A hero, a demi-god, or a troubled young man trying to make a name? In an age when men constantly battle each other to death in the name of honour, why does Enkidu's death in particular prompt Gilgamesh to abandon his kingdom and adventure to seek the secret of immortality? To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. What does he gain by the end of the search?


In this new interpretation of the great Sumerian epic, the corss-disciplinary artist Eldarin, artist Zi and the celebrated percussionist and Youtuber Omar Kattan, will explore the themes of power, glory and death. The audience will be led to the great city of Uruk, into the temple of goddess Inanna/Ishtar, and witness the story of this legendary king. 

Premiere: Hošek Contemporary Berlin, 9 August 2023, as part of Improvised & Experimental series

Video Art: Eldarin Yeong, Zi Ling (drawing)

Performance: Eldarin Yeong, Zi Ling (painting performance) 

Music: Omar Kattan (percussion)

Duration: 45mins

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