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We changed our name!

We are now called 2617KUNST to reflect our new identity after our departure from the limited company. Keep an eye out for our upcoming work!!

Eldarin & Ling 2021

Changes in 2020

While we are still navigating through this turbulent time, we made an important decision to stop trading as a limited company.


Although having a limited company did provide us with many benefits, we felt that it was never our main goal to run a corporate in the first place. And at this point in our journey, the financial responsibility of a company may distract us from what we truly want to do with our future projects. That being said, together as our friends and collaborators, we will continue to work as a group under the same shared visions.  

We started our theatre journey in 2013. In the first few years, we were mainly a producing company (a.k.a. Eldarin Yeong Studio Ltd.) and helped to realise other people's works. It was a great experience, as well as a huge learning curve, but we felt we missed out all the fun in the rehearsal rooms. So in 2016, when Ling joined our venture, we made some changes in our directions and started to incubate our own ideas. In general,  


  • We love to combine the cross-disciplinary approach with challenging ideas. 

  • We believe that art has the power of transformation. 

  • We believe that art and creativity shall have no boundaries.

  • We believe that all artists should be allowed to explore their full potential without constantly being asked to define themselves and their practices. 

  • We believe that art is for ALL.

After 6 years of adventure in London, we relocated back to Bristol in 2018. 

Who we are? 


Eldarin Jing Yeong


Eldarin is a theatremaker, cross-disciplinary artist and writer. An alumna of Imperial College London, University of Bristol, and RADA. She was the theatre columnist for the formerly UKChinese Times. 


Eldarin is heavily influenced by Symbolism, Theatre of Absurd and German Expressionism. She is passionate about issues of social justice, equity and freedom. 


Her approach combines scientific investigation and psychoanalysis with a wild imagination. She is the winner of the 3rd prize International Award "Lorenzo il Magnifico" (2019). Her video art and performance art have been presented in the UK, US, Italy, Germany, Greece, and Asia, at prestigious venues and exhibitions such as Word Stage Design, Florence Biennale, Wells Art Contemporary, and Society of Scottish Artists 130 Years/CutLog Exhibition at Royal Scottish Academy. She is a resident at Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, UK. The Studio is a creative technologies collaboration with Watershed, University of the West of England and University of Bristol.


Ling is a visual artist and a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. She was trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Chelsea College of Arts. She joined the Studio in 2016. 

She received the President's Choice Award RI (2022), the Richard Plincke RI Prize (2021), Cass Art Prize (2019), DAC Beachcroft Space Prize (2018), Frank Herring Easel Award (2018), First Prize of Leathersellers Award (2016), and the Rosemary & Co. Prize (2015) from the Princess Michael of Kent. She is also the winner of the Royal Academy of Dance Portrait Competition 2022.


Her work has been presented at many prestigious venues and exhibitions, including the National Art Museum of China, Royal West of England Academy, Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Columbia Threadneedle Prize, and Wells Art Contemporary.

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