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Die Kreuzung (2022)

A short film/video art

Exhibition Dates:

August 23 – September 10, 2023, #social2023, CICA Museum, South Korea

15 June - 29 July 2023, Fresh Legs BERLIN 2023, Inselgalerie Berlin/Galleri Heikei Arndt DK, Berlin, Germany

19th - 30th October 2022, Bath Open Prize, 44AD Artspace Bath

Created in early-mid 2022, after the events unfold in Afghanistan and Ukraine, Die Kreuzung is a reflection by the artist about mortality, our current state and where it all leads to the future. 

The story follows the Everyman on his quest to find the answers to three strange riddles, given by a red horse, and is inspired by metaphysics, Dante and medieval Morality plays.  


The video uses animation (created by the artist herself), recorded performance, video art, and music both experimental and influenced by the Arabic culture.  

Running time: under 30mins

Genre: Video art, short film


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