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What is suffering?

Picture: The Prophet, watercolour painting by Zi Ling

Powerless, pain, unknown Future.

Seeing the evil side of people, the world, but hardly you can change something.

There is pain, but there is also a longing. Longing for hope. This longing will be the tiny seeds for the season. Planting the seeds in my heart. The rest is prayer and waiting. Trust that whatever rain, snow, sun and so on, it will be good for it. Transforming this tiny seeds to something beautiful, bearing more fruits in due season. We need to give space and time to let our faith grow, seeing waiting as an act of worshipping.

The Darkness is very terrifying and painful. However, where is Darkness, there is also Light. We are truly suffering, because we're grieving, witnessing our beloved suffering. We're experiencing the evil side overpowering now. But we have Faith. And it sprouts from our suffering. We water the seeds carefully each day. We're longing for the power of God shining through the Darkness. We're engraving the holy words into our heart. 'All things are possible to God'. And this is the way out, the power of transformation.

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