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Old Boys(2015)

A short documentary about the life of older LGBTQ+ people

Old Boys is a short documentary made in association to the theatre production of a comedy called Told Look Younger by Stephen Wyatt. 


The film explores what it meant to be a gay person back in the 60s and 70s, and what challenges they are still facing as they get older. It features six individuals from different backgrounds who are willing to share their personal stories.   

The film is sponsored by Arts Council England and Opening Doors London.

Director: Zi Ling

Concept & Producer: Eldarin Yeong

Featuring: Alan Ri Duke, Brad Hepburn, Derek Freeman (Opening Doors London), Brian Lamb, Claude Lucbernet, Edward Jacob, Rory Ralph-Lillae

Interviewer: Geoff Williams

Director Assistant: Tobias Cai

Running time: 15mins

Genre: documentary

To watch the film, please click here

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