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Performance art

International Award "Lorenzo il Magnifico" 3rd Prize


by the International Jury 2019: Elza Ajzenberg, Dominique E. Baechler, Francesco Buranelli, Pasquale Celona, María Teresa Constantin, Huang Du, Yuko Hasegawa, Karen Lang, Gregorio Luke, Matty Roca, and Gerfried Stocker



19 October 2019

Florence Biennale




20 October 2019

Florence Biennale



In the UK each year there are an estimated 12 honour killings and over 5,000 honour-based violence reported by the police. Those crimes are mostly aimed at women carried out by the male members of the family or the community. And yet, have you ever wondered where were other women in all these horrendous cases? Where are the mothers? Isn't it a mother's nature to protect? Are these women the victims of the violence themselves and therefore helpless about their children's brutal fate? Or they are the loyal keepers of the tradition and endorse patriarchy? Are they narcissists and mad about their daughters' 'betrayals'?  According to various studies, women, surprisingly, are playing an essential role in honour crimes. What shall we make of it? Does it prove that in terms of persecuting women, women are just as bad as men? How do women view other women, enemies or allies? Shall we lose our faith in feminine solidarity?  

This performance explores honour-based violence against women committed by female perpetrators. It offers a different perspective on what we know about honour crime and the psychology of the offenders.


Inspired by Leonora Carrington and her Surrealism. 



Writer & Director                           Eldarin Yeong

Videography & Editing                Zi Ling & Eldarin Yeong

Lighting Designer                         Hanna Tan

Sound Designers                           lennymccartney, JiaZi Liu              

Guest Performers                        Zi Ling, Delphine Vandenberghe

Voice Overs                                     Šarūnė Milašytė, Geraldine Pelanti, 

  Michelle Williams


Make-up Supervisor                       Kathryn McCanny

Production Assistant

(Lighting & Sound)                            Wang Yang

Production Photographer            Wang Yang & Florence Biennale



Running Time:                               45 - 60 mins (without interval)


This performance may contain strong languages and upsetting content. Age 14+

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