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A performance installation

Inspired by the works of Bacon, Magritte, and Fréger

Choreography devised by Zi Ling and the Company


Set in a Magritte-styled surreal 3-wall room, this performance installation explores how those who have experienced childhood trauma, overcome many difficulties in their adulthood and seek for redemption through faith, love and friendship.


The story is inspired by the MacArthur Story Stem Battery (MSSB) techniques used in psychological studies. MSSB allows researchers and counsellors to understand children's views of their world in a better way. Our narrative follows three adopted children, Natalie, Jack/Jackie and Christopher, who are the survivors of childhood trauma. Natalie was a victim of child neglect and sexual abuse; ‎Christopher lost his parents in an accident; Jack suffered domestic violence from his alcoholic parents. Their close friendship gives them strength and hope. However, the past still haunts. Confused and tormented, where shall they seek for redemption? 


The show gives an intriguing cinematic perspective to a narrative dance piece, by using lighting, live music, and conceptual art. 


The performance features Alone the heartbreaking cello solo by most celebrated Italian composer Giovanni Sollima and Night Dance by the popular composer Adam Hurst. 


Director & Co-Designer             Zi Ling

Story & Producer                         Eldarin Yeong

Co-Designer                                  Tong Zhao

Lighting Designer                       Sarah Readman (UK)

                                                           Ali Hunter (Taiwan)

Composers                               Carolina Bartumeu, Belle Chen, Giovanni Solima, Adam Hurst, Carol Alfredo Piatti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Kevin MacLeod


Production Manager                 John Mackinnon (UK)

                                                          Steve Simmonds (Taiwan)

Company Stage Manager       Caitlin O'Reilly (Taiwan)

Technical Consultant                Hanna Tan (Taiwan)

                                                          Sarah Wilson (UK)

Photographer                              James Bellorini

Videographer                               Jevan Chowdhury 





Joe Garbett                            Jack

Anastasia Kostners              Jackie


* The role of Jack/Jackie will be played alternately by the two cast members


Jemma Gould                        Natalie

James Aiden Kay                   Christopher

Cellist                                     Carolina Bartumeu


Running Time:                     60mins (without interval)

'Best of Brighton Fringe' BN1 Magazine

'This was narrative and interpretive dance of the highest quality'  London Life and Beyond 

'Weird and beautifully performed. The dancers are a marvel to watch'

The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health Journal

'Intense...inspiring...a must-see piece' Art Emperor, Taiwan


5 & 6 May 2018

Fringe City,




10 & 12 May 2018

The Warren,

Brighton Fringe



8 June 2018

Oxford Old Fire Station



6 July 2018

Sheffield Drama Studio



17 September 2018

Gulbenkian Theatre, Kent



4 - 5 July 2017

World Stage Design 2017, Taipei

In Partnership with



Special Thanks to:

Mr HuiTao Lin, Ms Qin Yue, Jann Yeong, Rebecca Kadi, Bryan Masterson, Ms Phoebe Zhang, Hua Tan, Mr Alex Ling, Jessica Higgs, Jing Wang, Ms XinYi Shen and Ms Anita Wang

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