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Part of The Lord Stanley ‘Solo Festival’




Time: Tue 2nd July 2013 7:30pm

               Sat 20th July 2013 2:30pm

Venue: The Lord Stanley

                 51 Camden Park Road


                 NW1 9BH

Age Guidance: 14+



Directed by Eldarin Yeong

Performed by Sandra Meunier



The award-winning writer and comedian Sandra Meunier will open her new solo show ARENAS at the Lord Stanley as a part of the ‘Solo Festival’ in July.

ARENAS is a powerful one-woman show about three independent and distinctive women – Dorothy, Jane and Rose – who take the centre stage against the conventions of their time. The production is written and performed by Sandra Meunier, and directed by Eldarin Yeong.


A little girl declares she wants to become a bullfighter. 
A comedienne waits for her duo partner before a show. 
A burlesque dancer is pushed from states to states due to clubs closing down. 
Mexico, New York, Chicago.
1930's and the 1950's. 
One fight. 


Sandra Meunier is a celebrated burlesque comedian, as well as an award-winning and published writer. She studied performance writing with the Method Studio/Lee Strasberg London, Birkbeck and City Lit. She had the idea for the play after having seen striking resemblances between the life of a bullfighter and the female comedians and the burlesque dancers she works with. She is currently touring Britain with her well-loved sweet character BonBon LeBum. 

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