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Love and Death is a new writing scheme to create an intriguing piece of collective work by theatre artists from five different countries.


Inspired by the writings of German writer and screenwriter Patrick Susskind, uprising Israeli director Alon Tiran invites three international-awarding playwrights from Britain, Israel, and China along with dramaturg Lisa Goldman to take forward this controversial debate of the eternal theme: Love and Death.


The play is jointly written, each playwright reflecting on their own social values and cultural background. Combining various elements - such as self-sacrifice, jealousy, hatred, and tradition - the play will explore contemporary encounters between Love and Death, and how they divide, as well as unite, people from different societies and cultures.


This project is co-produced with charity Theatre Alive!.



Director                          Alon Tiran

Playwrights                   Joshua Sobol, Sabrina Mahfouz,

                                         Luo DaJun (National Theatre of China)

Dramaturg                   Lisa Goldman

Movement Director   Guillaume Pigé

Set Designer                Wang Jing

Lighting Designer      Tan Hua (Shanghai Academy of Theatre)

Artistic Adviser            Andrew Visnevsky (RADA)

Producer                       Eldarin Yeong


5 June 2014

Rehearsed reading

Red Room, Bush Theatre



19 May 2014

Panel Discussion

"Creativity and Culture Clashes"

SOAS University



In Partnership with



















in association with National Theatre of China

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