Die Kreuzung

A live performance

Our world is departing from the elements of Earth and Water, and entering a new era of Fire and Air. The Earth and Water symbolise a deep connection with the land, harmony with nature, and a spiritual interconnectedness, while Fire and Air indicate a possible new Renaissance filled with new ideas and inventions. However, the ideology aspired is far from the world we have inherited. Our real world is broken: environmentally polluted, financially deprived, and socially divided.  As we are witnessing the collapse of the old world in front of us, the old self, the old life, the old habits, the old wonders that we constructed through machines and exploitation of the land, we are now at a crossroad confronted by the very question – what and how we are trying to build for the Future?

Die Kreuzung is performance art about a journey through a time of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Examining Humanity’s relationships with Nature and Machinery, and the power of Transformation, it urges the audience to make the decision about how our future unfolds. It combines video art, poetry, live performance and live music. Inspired by the rich history and music of Al-Andalus - the land of Multiculturism Golden Age, and the writings of John Ruskin and William Morris. 

Premiere: Hošek Contemporary Berlin, 3 August 2022

This project is generously sponsored by Pervasive Media Studio and Percy Community Centre

Music arrangement: Francesca Ter-Berg and Omar Kattan (percussion)

Cello: Francesca Ter-Berg

Percussion: Zi Ling

Vocal: Eldarin Yeong

Video art: Eldarin Yeong